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Some Background July 4, 2009

Posted by elopingcamel in Uncategorized.

I am new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. I have owned the 3.5 core rulebooks since 2004, but I never played a game until last year (February 2008). I will tell that tale at some future point, but let us just say that it was not a great introduction to the game.

However, I persevered and eventually talked some friends (who had also never played the game before), my brother, and my wife to give it a try with me. I bought the 3.5 Basic Game and ran the first 3 or 4 encounters of the included adventure. We all had a great time, despite my lack of experience in DMing, and I was excited to play more. Unfortunately, life got too busy for all of us and then my brother moved out of state, so eventually the game died off. The last time we played was toward the end of last summer (July/August 2008).

This past month, my wife and I went and played with a couple that we became friends with (and then later discovered also played D&D), and their friend ran the game. This also was a 3.5 game. We all had tremendous fun and it got me itching to play more. We will hopefully be returning to play again within the next couple of weeks, and I am really looking forward to it.

This past weekend I had some family come into town, so I ran the next encounter of the Basic Game with my wife, brother and his incredibly bright six-year-old son, and my younger step-brother (who was now the only one of us who had never played before). Again, it was awesome. I felt much more comfortable DMing after having seen someone else do it while I played.

So here we now are. Last night I ran my first solo game with my wife. It didn’t go as great as I would have hoped (as many who have tried to run a solo game have probably already learned), because you have to make quite a few adjustments to the style and it needs to be extremely tailored to what the player (my wife) wants. Also, I sort of threw it all together using some 4e resources that I purchased/downloaded. I had never played nor tried 4e before so we both had a learning curve. Adding to that, I don’t have any of the core rule books for Fourth Edition so…I had to wing quite a bit of it. I still enjoyed it though.

This blog will mainly focus on the lessons that I am learning while I DM. I will talk about choices I make (both wise and poor) while we play and how they work out. As time permits, I will also talk about the story and character of my wife. Occasionally I will add in details of other games that I run or play in, also. My purposes are somewhat selfish in this; I wanted a place to focus my thoughts during the learning process. I promise to do my best to keep it interesting and entertaining as well. With that said… Welcome to elopingcamel’s Learning How to DM!



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