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Eberron Begins July 10, 2009

Posted by elopingcamel in 3.5e, Eberron, Narrative, PC.

The adventure began with the boat carrying the dwarf fighter, Rurick D’Kandaran, and the elf druid, Anastrianna (Ana) Lorian, pulling out of port. Fetalus and Lia come sprinting to the boat, arriving just in time to board and leave behind whatever it was they fled. Once they board, things calm down, but Fetalus seems almost suspiciously intent on purchasing a wand of healing. He asks a couple of patrons on the boat about getting a wand and eventually gets in touch with a wandmaker who can help him out (for the right price of course). Lia begins her bartering with the wandmaker, finding some success, but not coming to a price that pleases her. Nearby, Rurick and Ana sit and overhear the conversation/bartering taking place, eventually joining in. Some introductions ensue, followed by a more secretive conversation (having left the wandmaker behind momentarily) in a more private section of the boat.

Eventually these four adventurers come to terms with a tentative agreement to work together–Rurick can help purchase the wand and provide some funds to Fetalus and Lia. They head back to the wandmaker, talk him into lowering his price, and head off to find the captain to ask for a larger and more private cabin to share (where they can discuss what they are getting themselves into, and who is backing them). The Captain does not allow them better conditions (I can’t remember why, but he did not seem too pleasant a fellow).

That night Rurick takes Prince Phillip to get plastered. Not too long after, the heroes wake up and hear noises from the deck. They run out to find skeletons attacking and begin to fight back. The drunken Rurick makes it difficult however, as he places himself directly in the doorway, where he ineffectively tries to kill skeletons (his lack of sobriety gives him plenty of penalties to limit his ability to be useful). He is also making it harder for the rest of the party to make their attacks, because they have to be careful while they are shooting arrows and casting spells with him in the doorway. At least Phillip was safely in the room. Ana however was the only hero out on the deck, and was getting surrounded by skeletons. Things were not looking good, but then the Captain and some of the sailors showed up to help out. Many lost their lives, but all of the skeletons eventually were killed.

After a few days they arrive in port and go searching for supplies. Lia shows herself to be a shrewd trader once again, after failing to seduce the first blacksmith she comes across; she had much more success with the second.



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