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Eberron Campaign July 10, 2009

Posted by elopingcamel in 3.5e, Eberron, PC.

As I mentioned, my wife and I began playing a game with some friends of ours. I am not DMing this game, and it has been so helpful to see a game run by someone experienced with the game and DMing (as well as incredibly fun to play–it is my first time not DMing). The campaign is set in Eberron and we are using 3.5 rules.

The other couple had already played to 2nd level when we joined, so we rolled up lvl 2 characters to accompany them. There was already a dwarf fighter and an elf druid, so my wife made an elf ranger and I made a human sorcerer. When we rolled up characters, I was not having much luck with the dice, so my character ended up being a rather small, sixteen-year-old weakling. I hadn’t seen the rule in the corebooks that says you can re-roll if none of your stats are above a 13, so that is exactly where my character is; no stat is above a 13. I haven’t decided if I want to do anything about that, yet. The metagamer in me wants a more powerful character, but the role-player in me wants the challenge of being severely limited (although if 10 means common/average, then my human sorcerer is still above average in most categories and not below average in any). Another option could be to say that his stats go up more rapidly than the other characters because he is still so young–a sort of puberty bonus as it were. That is the option I find myself leaning toward the most, but I will need to talk to the DM and see how he feels about it.

My wife’s ranger is named Lia, and my young sorcerer is named Fetalus (it just seemed fitting). He chose a toad as his familiar–a toad he named Prince Phillip. I will write more about what happens in this campaign (both story wise and what I learn) as we go along, so look forward to meeting the dashing, daring, just-a-little-too-ordinary Fetalus.



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