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Barney’s Adventures: The Bloodstone July 24, 2009

Posted by elopingcamel in 4e, Barney's Adventures, DM, Narrative.


The basic story was that the town they live in had recently been plagued by a series of attacks and thefts, culminating in the theft of a powerful stone from the mayor’s manor. The mayor was furious to no end and desperate to get back his stone. He offered this ragtag group of adventurers 400gp each to retrieve the dark red stone for him, paying 100 up front and the remaining 300 when the bloodstone (as he called it) was returned. He was very hesitant to give any information about the stone–what it was, where it was from, what it could do, why it was so valuable–other than to say that they must not touch it with their bare flesh. He was adamant that they not do this, warning them repeatedly.

They set off down the trail leading away from town to the West, looking for some caves that are rumored to be infested with some goblins (the mayor was confident that these goblins were behind the theft). As they travel along, Barney spots a flash of white through the dense section of forest to their South. He grows curious and decides–against the advice of Elfomoto (elf ranger)–to check it out. Both he, Clarence (Barney’s hired slave/caddy), and Carlsberg (human rogue) head into the forest, while Elfomoto tarries at the edge, debating whether or not it is worth it to go in after them. Right as they approach a clearing in the woods where they can see four wolves, both Barney and Carlsberg step onto dried twigs that snap loudly enough to draw the attention of the wolves. The wolves immediately move to attack.

Elfomoto hears the commotion and begins to make his way into the woods, while the others begin to battle. With one of the wolves being so obviously bigger than the others, Barney focuses his attacks on it (Dire Wolf). He casts Cloud of Daggers on the wolf, but it does not do as much damage as he had hoped it would (it missed, only doing half damage). The battle wages on with a bit of a stalemate for the first  round, with no one landing anything more than a minor blow against their adversary. Clarence decides to attempt a climb up the nearest tree, where he could both hide and hurl a rock down at the wolf attacking his master. He gets about 6 ft. up the tree when he slips and falls down, spraining his ankle. He spends the rest of the battle rolling around behind the tree, whimpering and nursing his pain.

Carlsberg grows frustrated with the slow, back and forth nature of the battle, and–having just seen Clarence attempt to use the trees to his advantage–decides that he would spice things up by attempting to climb up a nearby tree, flip off of it (over the nearest wolf minion), fling a dagger down into the neck of the wolf while in mid-air, and land behind it. Things begin well as he leaps up, grabbing the branch just over his head, and swings himself up and over the wolf, doing an incredibly graceful gymnastic-style flip (natural 20). As he flips over the wolf, he grabs a dagger and flings it down at the wolf’s neck, missing it by a good foot or two (rolled a 2), and then attempts to land directly on the wolf. Again, he misses the wolf by a good foot or two (rolling a 1), and takes some damage as he tumbles to the ground and ends prone.

Elfomoto arrives and begins his horrific destruction of the dire wolf, landing blow after blow of heavy damage. Very soon he has sliced both deep into the wolf’s flank and landed a terrible blow to the tender shoulder/neck area of the wolf’s left front limb. The wolf also continues to take small amounts of damage from the cloud of daggers. Barney dispatches the wolf minion closest to him by first dousing him with ale (Beer Splash – Minor Action that I made for Barney, given that his implement is a mug of ale) and casting Scorching Blast, which absolutely lit up the poor creature in a fiery ball of flames.

Down on the ground now, Carlsberg fends off an attack by the same wolf that he attempted to kill/mount, and then slashes his dagger across the throat of the wolf, immediately spilling its blood all over himself and ending the minion’s life. He debates taking the time right then to capture some of the wolf’s fresh blood in a vial for later experimentation (he loves his alchemy), but in the end decides that killing the last remaining wolf first is more important. He spends his move to stand up. The dire wolf makes an attack on Elfomoto, but as it does it puts too much pressure on its front left limb, stumbling down to the ground (rolled a 1). Elfomoto wastes no time in taking advantage of this situation, dealing massive damage with each of his blades against his now prone foe.

Barney hurls a small splash of acid at the obviously dying dire wolf, and between the acid and on-going cloud of dagger damage, the wolf does not make it long enough to attack again.

The party used a tremendous amount of resources (encounter/daily powers) during the fight, so they rest for the night before deciding to continue West toward the cave.



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