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Barney’s Adventures: The Cave Entrance November 6, 2009

Posted by elopingcamel in 4e, Barney's Adventures, DM, Narrative.

It has been a while since I have played D&D. Life will do that to you I guess. Anyway, I have a few of these recap posts already drafted on here, so I will revise/finish those and put them up. So, here we go.

When last we met, the adventurers had just dispatched a nasty pack of wolves in the forest and then rested for the night.

The next day the three adventurers (and Clarence) take to the road again, but only briefly as they soon decide to veer off into the woods. Soon, as they wander along, heading West, Carlsberg spots a small wooden watchtower, well-hidden amongst the tops of the trees. He also sees a small goblin peering over the top with a crossbow trained directly at him. He breaks off into a run, trying to get some cover and circle around the tower, but the goblin (sharpshooter, lvl 2) gets a shot off that deals some heavy damage, and two goblins (runner, lvl 1) step out to block his path through the trail. One of them lands a nasty blow against Carlsberg, immediately making him change his plans. Barney, having no desire to enter a battle while crossbow bolts are rained down upon them, casts Mage Hand as a minor move, grasping the light crossbow and yanking it from the hands of the goblin before he has any clue what has happened (I was so impressed with my little bro’s cleverness in this that I had to let him do it. I did roll, but I made the strength check the goblin gave have a penalty due to the surprise–the roll was so low it wouldn’t have mattered anyway). Barney then moves toward the two goblin runners and casts Cloud of Daggers on the one that had landed the blow on Carlsberg. The goblin takes some significant damage.

Clarence grabs his cart of ale and heads for cover in the trees to the side and below the tower–the artillery no longer being a threat.

Elfomoto makes his way over to the melee, circling around the goblin runner (the same with the cloud of daggers over him) and makes a flanking attack against him, dealing some more damage.

Carlsberg makes his first sneak attack of the game on the goblin whose attention is now focused on Elfomoto, the obvious and immediate threat. He drives his dagger into the back of the neck of the goblin, dropping him immediately to the ground.

At this point, the goblin sharpshooter was climbing down the tower, fuming about losing his crossbow. Clarence sees him, picks up a rock and hurls it at the goblin, striking him directly in the back of the head, knocking him loose from the ladder to fall down and receive some fairly nasty damage to his head (both from the rock and from landing on it poorly). The goblin takes a couple of rounds to become undazed. By that time, the other remaining goblin runner had been grabbed as he tried to flee, and the party had surrounded the sharpshooter. They tied them to the tower, stripped them of their belongings, and began to question them, asking about how to find the cave entrance. They learned that someone the goblins called the dark lady was in charge and that the cave entrance was behind the waterfall.

They leave the goblins tied to the tower and make their way toward the waterfall cave entrance.



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