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Another Shift May 13, 2010

Posted by elopingcamel in 4e, DM, Keep on the Shadowfell.

I am getting good at changing plans. The 3.5e group that I was playing with (remember young Fetalus? Of course you do) finished our campaign (not really, but we finished the published adventure we were doing) and decided to try our hand at 4e (I admit to using my powers of persuasion to try my best to influence them to try 4e. It actually wasn’t that hard to be honest. Everyone was more than willing to give it a go in the end). So, I decided that I will be running them through Keep on the Shadowfell. This will mean two things: 1.) I will be changing my other group’s adventure so that they are not running Keep on the Shadowfell any longer and 2.) I will be liberally chopping up, removing, and replacing bits from the adventure to tailor it to this new group.

My reasons for doing this are that my first group that was running through it are a little easier to prepare for in my way of thinking. They are all very new to the game, they have not experienced much of the game and they are more of a hack and slash group anyway. Minimal story/plot lining is necessary and winging it is really easy. With this new group I will be DMing, some of them are old pros. This is a little intimidating for me, so I thought it would be beneficial to run something pre-made and then just tailor it to them.

So, I will finish the first group’s adventure with them finding Douven Staul (which was a side quest anyway) and then have them move on to new and totally original adventures (thus giving me the much desired and needed experience of creating my own adventures without the stress of having to make them mind-blowingly good for guys who have seen it all already). The second group I will run through Keep on the Shadowfell, but I will not use the Douven Staul storyline at all (as my wife is in both groups and I don’t want her to have to repeat anything). I am going to insert instead the adventure module from Into the Shadowhaunt. I am going to tailor some of it though, so that Helvec and Ninaran are lovers and are both working for Kalarel. Helvec is working underneath the Mausoleum looking for a relic that will allow Kalarel to open the rift to the Shadowfell (as well as Helvec performing his own sadistic rituals for his own private purposes). My hope is that this will accomplish the following things:

1. It will give an early and easy intro for everyone into the world of 4e with one of the Game Day adventures.

2. It will introduce key NPCs and villains from the get go as well as needed information.

3. It will create a strong motive for a later encounter with Ninaran who is very bitter about the murder of her lover.

4. It will create some interesting Skill Challenges (specifically I am thinking of one where Ninaran steals the relic that the heroes recover when they kill Helvec and the heroes chase her through the market and town via a Skill Challenge).

We will start next weekend, so I have some preparation to do before then, but I think that things are off to a great start so far. I’ll give info about the PCs next time.



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