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New Blood May 17, 2010

Posted by elopingcamel in 4e, DM, Keep on the Shadowfell, The Brotherhood.

Last night my step cousin and his friend (my friend as well, but I met him through my step cousin) came over to give Dungeons and Dragons a try. We spent the first hour or so going over the basics of the game and creating characters. Then I ran them through the first two encounters of the DMG mini-adventure Kobold Hall. It went really well and they seemed to truly enjoy themselves.

My cousin (Tyler) decided to be a Wilden Druid and his friend (Ben) went with a Human Paladin who worships Ioun. The encounters weren’t very challenging but I mainly wanted them to get a feel for how the game works and how terrain can function in a 3D way, providing cover and helping/hindering them.

The plan right now is to incorporate them into the game I had been running previously for Jed (Carlsberg Torres). The rest of that group is not really interested in pursuing the game besides Jed, so I will start where he left off and add in Tyler and Ben, as well as another friend named Michael who wants to come give it a try. I’m going to break off from the Keep on the Shadowfell, though. I started running a different group through that one and I don’t want to do it twice. So, this will really be my first time having total and complete free reign in making up a world and campaign, all for new players. I have DMed long enough now to feel comfortable doing so.

Anyway, from now on the Keep on the Shadowfell write-ups will be about Group 2’s adventure and Group 1’s adventure will get a new name. For now I will call them the The Brotherhood, but that will likely change as the game goes on.

Consider yourself updated.



1. Ben Smith - May 28, 2010

Ocieleoz (Ocieleoz Elerviel)

Ocieleoz was raised in a small Elven town, just outside the main realm of rule. Though he was not born there but he considered this his only home. He was left there as a child but was never told why. Raised by an Elven man by the name of Arwén Elerviel, the priest of the town, Ocieleoz grew up to know him as his father. Arwén was a religious man, though many of the camp did not believe in deity. Being a righteous man and a disciple of Ioun, goddess of knowledge, prophecy and skill, Arwén raised Ocieleoz to hopefully have him replace himself after he passes on. But Ocieleoz wanted to believe that he would do much greater things, he felt he was meant for a greater purpose. Being a human in a Elven society, he was beaten and harassed while he was young by some of the local elven boys. This encouraged him to want to learn how to protect himself. His father, Arwén who swore his life against violence, punished Ocieleoz if he ever fought back. After years of this weekly torture going against his fathers will, Ocieleoz tried to seek out anyone who could help teach him to defend himself. He soon found out from the locals that there was such a man that could help him. A man of great strength and great power. This man’s name was Emeron, but he was said to be crazy and belligerent. Forced out by the people he was now considered to be an outcast, and had been so for many, many years now. Ocieleoz sought to find him and found a man unfamiliar to him in the woods and followed him back to his house. After a week of watching him daily, and finding out this was indeed Emeron, Ocieleoz approached him only to be shut down by threat of death. Ocieleoz continued to watch and spy on Emeron for a few weeks, learned his habits and routines, until one evening Emeron did not show up to his house. Ocieleoz took this opportunity to sneak into Emerons house, but was soon caught in a trap just inside the back door that roped his foot and flung him upside down. Hitting his head on the ground during this knocked him out. He was woken by Emeron later that night. Recognizing Ocieleoz to be the priests son, he fetched Arwén to come retrieve his boy. Ocieleoz was forbidden by his father to never speak to Emeron again.

Years went by. Ocieleoz was now the age of 13. He was sent by his father to travel to the next town to trade some goods with another disciple of Ioun, for his father was too old now. This travel took several days. Miles away from home, now on his way back, smoke appeared above the tree line. When he got back he saw the entire town was in smoke and flames, he immediately ran to his home only to find his father headless and and the entire church on fire. He got down and could not help but mourn immensely over his fathers death. While sobbing over him with only the sounds of screams and flames flickering all around him, he heard footsteps from afar. A man came towards him from just outside the house. He was tall and had a dark evil glow around him, dressed in black armor with scars all up and down his face that continued under his thick black beard. Walking towards him he held something in his hand. Ocieleoz, clinging to his fathers dead corpse, watched in fear as this man approached him. Ocieleoz closed his eyes as hard as he could he turned his head, only to hear the man’s armor clink get louder and louder and then was hit in the back, not by the man but by something else. He looked up horrified to find his fathers head on the floor behind him. Looking up to the man, the dark man smirked, which sent chills down Ocieleoz’s spine. As the dark man drew his sword, he pointed it towards the young man. Preparing to swing and end his life, another man yelled to the dark man to get moving and to forget about the boy. He obeyed his command and sheathed his long bloodied sword. As he turned walked away from Ocieleoz he could not help but continue to smirk and laugh. Ocieleoz, enraged, chased down the dark man and tried to attack him. He was grabbed and thrown to the ground only to be beaten senselessly by the dark man, whom was very much bigger in statue than young Ocieleoz. Bloodied and now beaten, not having the will to fight back he sat up only to be kicked down again. This time only to be knocked unconscious. As he woke he tried to open his eyes and saw a somewhat familiar face looking down at him. He could not make out who it was due to the immense swelling of his eyes. Great pain shot through his body as his tried to move, many of his bones were broken. He heard words coming from the man above him but could not understand, for the man was not speaking Elven. The man proceeded to give Ocieleoz drink. He was then picked up by the man but soon there after passed out.

The man was Emeron. The outcast of the community, but now the only other existing member of that very same community. Emeron took Ocieleoz under his wing and taught him. He taught him common and for many years the ways of battle, for Emeron was highly skilled in them. As time went on Emeron taught him that the men who attacked their town were Blackguards. These men were frightening and manipulative, the dark champions of an evil order. He swore to himself that he would never be one of them, that he would be what they were not. He swore to be a crusader in the name of good and order, to be an embodiment of goodness and law and to follow his fathers teaching in goodness of faith. Though if he ever met the dark man again, surely he was take his life.

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