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D&D Encounters: Session 10 May 21, 2010

Posted by elopingcamel in 4e, D&D Encounters, Forgotten Realms, PC.

Last night I went to my first D&D Encounters session. It was great fun! I am not used to playing the game with people that I am not very close with, so that was a change. Also, my games tend to be very descriptive, whereas the DM for this game talked very little and focused more on just moving us through the rounds. There were lots of cool/fun elements in the room that I also felt like the DM could have made better use of but none of this is actual complaining; I felt like the DM did a great job of focusing on what mattered more in this game which was moving 8 players through a tough encounter in about an hour and a half. We actually didn’t finish in time, but we were close enough; success was a given.

I played a minotaur runepriest. From reports I had read, it seemed like there were too few players playing leaders, so I though that might be a good addition to the group. It turns out that my minotaur runepriest could also deal some heavy damage. He had some fun powers and attacks and I left feeling satisfied with him. Our rather large party had a cleric, so I was not needed to provide heavy duty healing, but what was nice is that I COULD do some healing while inflicting damage and I also didn’t have to burn any daily powers to do so. I still have my dailies and my action point. I also have 13 healing surges. This runepriest will be able to contribute greatly to the cause, methinks.

All in all, I had a lot of fun, I stepped out of my comfort zone to do so (as I said, I have never gone to play games at my Favorite Local Gaming Store (FLGS), I got to finally play 4e instead of just DMing it (which I really do love doing btw–DMing 4e is a treat), I was able to learn much from another DM of both what I do and do not enjoy while playing that will hopefully help me improve as a DM as well, and I will be ready when Season 2 kicks off. Woohoo!



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