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The Brotherhood: Kobold Hall & Valthrun’s Reagent May 29, 2010

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The basic story for this introductory adventure was that Vellan the Mulletted is recruiting (as always) do-gooders for his band of brothers. He had sent an important reagent to his associate in Winterhaven (Valthrun the Prescient), when the caravan delivering it was ambushed and attacked by kobolds. Vellan tracked the kobolds to their lair and wanted to use the recovery of the reagent as an audition for these two recruits to join The Brotherhood.

The Cast – Both are Level 1

Ocieleoz – Human Paladin (played by Ben)

Drender – Wilden Druid (played by Tyler)

The Test Begins

Drender and Ocieleoz descended into Kobold Hall, looking to recover the small vial of bluish liquid. They met early resistance in the form of a solitary kobold slinger, standing about 65 feet into the entrance hall on the other side of a 10 ft. deep pit of green sludge. They dispose of the artillerist after a few successful attacks and Drender’s changing into his swarm form; the kobold slinger was encased in a cloud of insect swarm and when the swarm cleared, there was nothing left but his armor, dagger, and sling/bullets.

They moved deeper into the kobold safehold, eventually coming to an open room with four large, stone coffins on the floor, as well as many niches along the walls to either side of the coffins. Some of the niches had standing suits of armor in them. At the end of the room was a crudely made altar, obviously to the evil god Tiamat, and two kobold skirmishers standing guard over the altar. The heroes moved into the room, with Drender launching ranged attacks with his totem (he really seemed to like his thorny vine whip power) and Oceileoz closing the space and using a nasty daily power that nearly killed one of the skirmishers with some heavy radiant light. This was where the players got to discover the fun of traps; Drender stepped on a square next to a coffin and a dart shot out, stabbing into his arm. He made his saving throw so the effects were minimal, but it made them much more jumpy each time they moved around and heard that creaking of the armor suits’ visors rising.

They killed the skirmishers, recovered the vial of bluish liquid, looted some gold and supplies, and earned some XP. Most importantly they had a great time and caught onto the game mechanics very well (both have played lots of RPG video games so it wasn’t a big learning curve for them).

Tough Cookies

I’m really excited to play with these two guys. They formed a very competent and tough duo. Granted, these weren’t the most dangerous foes and the encounters were not overly challenging, but they definitely showed an awareness of battle tactics and teamwork.

Where Now?

I think that I want to get out of Winterhaven with this group; I have been in Winterhaven for a long time (between the two groups I started in Keep on the Shadowfell, I have spent almost all of my 4e time in or near Winterhaven). I am thinking that we will have them finish locating Douven Stahl and they will be pretty close to 2nd level (Carlsberg Torres ought to be there at the end of the next session). Then, we will see where the winds do blow…



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